The Arroios Hospital is located in the Plaza de Chile, at the beginning of what was once called the “Estrada de Sacavém”.


The Hospital was housed in the former Convent of Our Lady of Nazareth, which was a college of Jesuit missionaries in India, founded in 1705. Adjacent to it was the place where Admiral Candido dos Reis appeared dead on October 4, 1910. Maybe that’s why the next avenue is called Avenida Almirante Reis. But if this mystery is solved, others show up…

Built in 1705 from the financing of D. Catarina de Bragança, daughter of D. João IV and D. Luísa de Gusmão, until 1755 the Jesuit formation college, under the name of St. Jorge Arroios.

He resisted the 1755 earthquake but not the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1759, when Sebastião José de Carvalho and Melo, the future Marquis of Pombal (1769), determined the occupation of the convent by the Franciscan Conceptionist nuns, leaving the space to be known as a convent of Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Arroios.

The convent was vacant in 1890, the year the last nun died, and in 1892 the state decided that its space should be converted into a hospital and under the administration of the Royal Hospital of St. Joseph. It was then determined that a hospital of isolation for patients with bubonic plague, cholera, smallpox, leprosy and tuberculosis.

From 1898, the former convent took the name of Queen Dona Amelia Hospital and was only destined to the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, in 1911 after the Implantation of the Republic was changed to Hospital de Arroios. It worked until 1993, when it was definitely deactivated, and is currently unoccupied.

It was in the church of the convent that the remains of the Marquis of Pombal were transferred from the convent of St. Anthony of Coimbra before being transported to the Church of Our Lady of Mercy.

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