Designed by architect Ventura Terra was built between 1905 and 1906 for the widow of the Viscount of Valmor.

It reveals a great unity in its urban insertion, a visible aspect in the harmonious arrangement of its irregular plant, and in the movement suggested by the various plans and the balance of the three volumes that integrate the building. Coated with a smooth stone, it translates an eclecticism into its decoration, combining neo-Romanesque, neo-classical elements of Arte Nova, as well as alluding to the Portuguese House pattern. Although it resembled a dwelling, it was, in fact, intended to be an income building. Classified as a Property of Public Interest, it was the Valmor Prize of 1906. In this building is installed the Entrepreneurs Club, which from 1983 turned it into its luxury restaurant.

Last Update

Ricardo Araújo

Av. da República 38, Lisboa, Portugal

Latitude: 38.738501
Longitude: -9.145532

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