Twenty-eight years have passed since the opening of one of the most emblematic clubs in the country — In Loco.


It opened on June 28, 1990 in the riverside area of the Montijo. With the presence of international artists and own productions, this disco became the most sought after nationally; the queues at the entrance were endless, and the nights seemed to have no end. So far abandoned, it was vandalized and roof for the homeless who passed by. Fortunately, this space with more than 1,200 m2, two floors, swimming pool and a fantastic view of the river in the rooftop is now preparing to become one of the largest gyms in the region. The In Loco continues, nevertheless, in memory all that have passed there.

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Ricardo Araújo

Montijo, Portugal

Latitude: 38.704421
Longitude: -8.976812

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