The opening in the wire netting easily allows an adult person to pass by. It is right next to the main gate.


Whoever passes by the Marginal, towards Cascais, sees him at the distance, cut out against the blue sky, apparently imposing. If the name does not tell him anything, I explain: this is the fort where Salazar used to spend holidays and where, misjudging the distance, he threw himself into a canvas chair, eventually falling and banging his head on the floor. He would never recover.

The building, full of history – built in the 16th century during the reign of Felipe I to protect the coast and expanded or intervened on several occasions – was in 1977, nine years after Salazar’s famous fall, Public interest. Since 1915, it was ceded to the Odivelas Institute to be used as a vacation colony, a situation that lasted for precisely one hundred years, until 2015. In 2016, he realizes the state of degradation in which he was.

Last Update

Ricardo Araújo

Av. Marginal 73, S. João do Estoril, Portugal

Latitude: 38.698319
Longitude: -9.384041

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